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When is a Robin costume not a Robin costume?

April 13, 2010

Conan O’Brien is one of my favorite performers in any medium.  Please click on the pic for a fantastic two minute stretch of Conan discussing a prank he pulled as President of the Harvard Lampoon.  Suffice it to say, Burt Ward caught the blunt end of the comedy stick that day my friends. How does […]

The iPad marks the death of the glossy comic book…

April 9, 2010

Revolutionize the comics industry while looking both backwards and forwards? Pleasing die-hard collectors and brand new readers at the SAME TIME? Foolish you say? Hogwash, I say! I give you the answer for free!

The Past is the Present is the Future

April 7, 2010

As I tapped away on the very fine comics blog Too Busy Thinking About My Comics the other day – chipping in my two cents – I thought I had an idea.  To be more exact – the shape of an idea that might, in time, turn into something of interest to someone out there. […]