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The Past is the Present is the Future

As I tapped away on the very fine comics blog Too Busy Thinking About My Comics the other day – chipping in my two cents – I thought I had an idea.  To be more exact – the shape of an idea that might, in time, turn into something of interest to someone out there.

The plan is to start exploring the craft of characterization by different authors through different eras.

For several reasons that I hope will become apparent I’ll be starting with Batman.

First, The extraordinary length of Batman’s career provides a wide swath of material

Second, People typically have a definitive Batman of their own whether that is exemplified by art, writing, or other when I say, “Batman!” you form a picture in your mind of YOUR Batman.  That’s key.

Finally, and I think this might be the best aspect, Batman’s history has been mined and stripped for current or at least more recent “re-imaginings.”  I’m thinking particularly of  Man Who Laughs, Mad Monk, Monster Men etc.  I’m curious as to how these authors with SIXTY years of Batman rattling around in their heads have reinterpreted or modified these original stories that all appeared within the first dozen or so Batman appearances.

Bob Kane was flying without a net in a simpler time – Matt Wagner has a rope, safety harness, parachute, and air bag when it comes to characterization but is “limited” by a more mature and knowledgeable audience who has a definitive Batman of their own.  What are the results?  Who “wins?”

Grant Morrison has widely espoused the philosophy that everything that happened in Batman is canon.  The initial entries on the blog will be exploring early Batman stories and characterization to see how the past informs the present informs the future.  If it’s your cup of tea, I certainly welcome any additional thought theory and discussion.  Thanks!


2 Responses to “The Past is the Present is the Future”

  1. Fantastic! I’m looking forward to your career now your nose is turned directly to the grindstone of blogging!

    But I hope you’ll still drop in occasionally over my way, of course!

    Best wishes from this side of the pond.


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